If you’re picking up your mail at our lockbox service at

332 S. Michigan Ave.

Our Mailbox Rates:

Business or Personal
Three Months – $60.00
Six Months – $125.00
One Full Year – $175.00
(Plus a $10.00 refundable key & entry card deposit)

Pickup Times
Mon – Fri: 7AM-10PM
Weekend Pickup hours: 8AM-5PM (Saturday & Sunday)

Live or work downtown? Pick up your mail during regular business hours. No key needed.

One Full Year – $99.00

Calling ALL online shoppers! Pick up your packages ONLY at our address.

One Full Year – $150.00

Pickup Times
Mon – Fri: 9AM-5PM

Want to have your mail forwarded sometimes (by request or automatically) as well as the Mailbox Pickup?
Just include an additional deposit (any amount) as a forwarding postage escrow fund.

Includes a Real Downtown Chicago Street Address!!

IF you’re having your mail forwarded


Business or Personal
Three Months – $70.00
Six Months – $150.00
One Full Year – $199.00
(Plus a postage deposit (any amount) as a forwarding escrow fund)

All mail is placed inside another envelope or box and automatically forwarded weekly.
The cost of the postage is deducted from your escrow fund (plus a small service charge of usually .20 to $1.00 per mailing). More or less forwarding frequency can be easily arranged.
(Want to sometimes pickup your mail at our downtown mailbox service, just include the $10.00 key deposit).

Outside the U.S.>>>We service many International Accounts
(any address without a U.S. zip code)

International Accounts:

Our International Rate is $275.00 per year plus a $50.00 postage, escrow fund. We forward your mail via U.S. Air Mail, UPS, FedEx, DHL or any method you prefer. We service accounts in many different countries including Canada, Mexico and Europe.

Note: A $30 renewal fee is charged for lapsed accounts.

Includes a Real Downtown Chicago Street Address!!

Serving entrepreneurs, business firms
(large and small), and individuals since 1944!

Questions? Call or send us an email.

The Mail Center of Chicago, Inc.
332 S. Michigan Ave.
Chicago, IL 60604
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