1. What are your business hours?

9-5 Mon – Fri (Sat by appointment)

 2. What hours can I pick up my mail?

7am – 10pm Mon-Fri (8AM-5PM Sat/Sun)

 3. What will my address look like?
Your address will include our street address along with your personal name (and/or) business name. Our name does NOT appear as part of the address and includes an account number which looks similar to a suite number.

4. What about parcels?

We receive parcels from all major couriers including UPS, FedEx, DHL etc.

 5. How can I have my mail forwarded?

Put a small postage deposit of your own choosing as an escrow account.

 6. How much of a postage deposit?

You set the amount of your own choosing but the average is about one to three dollars per week.

 7. Can I sometimes pick up my mail and sometimes have it forwarded? 

Of course, either on a regular basis or by request.

 8. Do you handle International accounts?

Yes, we have many accounts worldwide.

 9. What are your International rates?

$150.00 per year plus a $50.00 postage deposit

(Any address without a U.S. Zip Code)  

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